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Take our survey to help improve transit in Western Placer County. We want to know how you travel around Placer County! Our online survey will help us to understand current ridership needs, reasons you do or do not ride transit, and how we can make the overall commute experience more convenient for residents, students, and […]

Placer County Transit will be expanding the dial-a-ride service in Lincoln and Rocklin/Loomis to include app based on-demand technology. On-demand dial-a-ride service is similar to other ride-share services where customers can use a smartphone app to request a ride that will pick up and drop off passengers within the service boundaries. For More information click […]

Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA) is embarking on an effort to update its long-range Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), which is required to be updated every five years. The RTP outlines fiscally-constrained transportation opportunities in Placer County (excluding the Tahoe Basin) until 2050, and includes projections of population and housing growth, estimates revenue, and outlines […]

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