Bikes on Board

Bicycles are allowed on the front mounted bike racks on the transit style buses used for Placer County Transit, including Dial-A-Ride service, and Tahoe Area Regional Transit. Placer County TransitThey are also allowed in the under floor storage compartments of the large, tour-style buses used for Placer Commuter Express service. 

Capacity is 2 or 3 bikes per bus. Bike rack space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Passengers must be able to load and unload their bikes without assistance. Placer County is not responsible for damage to bicycles.


Bicycles are not allowed inside buses at any time due to safety issues. An exception may be made by the Placer County Transitdriver on the last run of the day only, in order to prevent a passenger from being stranded, and depending on the number of other riders on the bus at the time. 

Bikes are allowed on all runs, including commuter service into and out of Sacramento for no extra charge with a paid fare. Placer County does not provide bicycle storage lockers at bus stops.


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